The work presented here is a series of participatory installations for eco-sustainability and social inclusion. I created this installation by bringing both production and perception of my photography, from a visual experience mainly centered in the use of sight, to the realm of empathy, within my own ecology of care.

In my participant observation and installation-based art practice's research, I choose to focus on exploring how the depth of all senses guide us to an intuitive experience of photography, for both myself as creator of the artworks and their environments, as well as for the receiver of my message.

It is through touch that I have explored my multilingual visual poetry's performance and soundscapes, in both their interaction and exchange of meaning with the audience.

This page shares how a printmaking process I have been experimenting with over the past three years is allowing me to create and promote social inclusion through a touch-based, rather than only a sight-based, experience of my visual poetry participatory installations. This methodology opens the conversation about accessibility, agency and representation within my image making creative process.

During my artist talks and solo exhibitions, I encourage the audience to interact with the printed material I create, an experience which stems from the first chapter "From The Front", of my five year autobiographical documentary(2018-2023).

This body of work explores the theme of grief, loss and resilience in my life. 

It shows my need and vocation to hold space for empathy in order to create my own ecology of care through my visual poetry art practice, which I devote to the promotion of social inclusion and cooperation thanks to photography. 

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