About the Artist

Transmedia Art Environments  encompassing International Relations and Responsible Technology

Multilingual Documentary Storytelling 

(in English, Italian, Spanish, French) 

promoting Inclusion, Cross-Cultural Cooperation and Conscious Sustainability


Film Photography, 16mm, Calligraphy

Elemental Poetry, Voice / Sound Installations


Participative interventions focused on 








Publishing Events

May 2024, Peckham 24 London, A Bigger Book Fair, with my artist book Sonia's Trees 2018-2021  (NOW SOLD OUT), London, UK

Latest Publications

February 2024, Canada, SEITIES, Dreams Issue, launched at Exposure Photography Festival 2024, Alberta, Canada

December 2022 , France, The Eyes Publishing Magazine Issue #13, Paris, Launched at Paris Photo, "After Care" curated issue by Laia Abril, exploring the place and the role of ethics in trauma, vulnerability and accountability within visual arts' projects: Letizia Lopreiato X Laia Abril, poetess Letizia Lopreiato responds with her poetry both in English and French, to an unpublished photographic series by Laia Abril, for The Photocaptionist column of The Eyes Magazine  LINK TO ISSUE  #13

December 2022, Ireland, PhotoIreland Publisher, my project "From the Front" has been selected for a limited edition series of 200 publications, as part of The Library Project (TLP) Editions, Dublin, Ireland

December 2021, Ireland, "Sonia's Trees 2018-2021" artist book, my artists book publication, published by The Outside Press and printed by award winning printer Plus Print Dublin,  ARTISTS BOOK LINK 

Latest Art Residencies

2023, UK, Main Gallery Residency at Phoenix Art Space, Brighton, UK

2022 - 2024, Ireland, Awarded two years studio residency at The Dean Arts Studios, Dublin, Ireland


Letizia Lopreiato is a multilingual (English, Spanish, Italian, French) visual poetess and photo-based installation artist based in UK and Ireland. Alongside her autobiographical and documentary work, the artist's background is allowing her to express her and develop her vocation by creating art-environments promoting Inclusion and Cooperation in Photography.

Letizia's work is engaged in reclaiming a different way to tell a story: from empathy to connection, from impairment to empowerment, from grief to love, from confinement to acceptance, social inclusion and community engagement with our environment, both at an individual and at a collective level.

Letizia's photography work has been acquired by the Office of Public Works (OPW Ireland) and it is now part of the Irish State Arts' Collection and National Archives, as well as of the PhotoIreland Irish Books' Collection. 

Letizia is Magnum Photos long term mentee, she writes and performs her poetry in English, Italian, Spanish and French. She has seen her work of visual poetry both featured and published internationally, across the UK, France, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

Letizia works with the media of 35mm film expanded photography, 16 mm moving image, poetry, spoken word, voice / sound installation. The artist embraced film photography, by introducing a multidisciplinary approach to her poetry, three years ago, only a few months after her visualimpairment was diagnosed. 

2021 marks for Lopreiato, the year other creative gaze's expansion, into the realm of moving image, medium to facilitate the awareness of her visual poetry creative documentary style, and the interconnected layers of meaning of these elements. The artist chose to explore , inspired by the desire of incorporating the the realm of moving image, moved by her innate passion for cinema and by the use of her late dad’s film equipment in her art practice.

Letizia Lopreiato is 2022 solo exhibitor at PhotoFringe Brighton, UK, 2023, 2022 and 2021 solo exhibitor at both PhotoIrelandFestival, Dublin (Ireland), and Exposure Alberta Photography Festival, Canada, with her long-term personal documentaries: her autobiographical project titled From the Front, and Sonia’s Trees, this last being the artist's first of an on-going series of social documentaries in the form of artivism awareness campaigns on the topic ofeco-sustainability and eco-systems' restoration.

Letizia Lopreiato’s visual poetry and photography practice is inspired by her academic research background in International Relations for Cooperation, Psychology, Sociology and Semiotics.  

In particular, her current research work at the intersection between ART AND RESPONSIBLE TECHNOLOGY INCLUDING GENERATIVE AI, with a focus on the realm of Psychology and Neuroscience, and on how these affects society's behavioural archetypes in relation with EXCLUSION AND MARGINALIZATION, has informed Lopreiato’s art practice since 2020, resulting in the development of a more intimate text - image and voice / sound based journey of exploration for her audience.  

Letizia Lopreiato's documentary practice evolved thanks to a fundamental step she took, the inclusion of her multilingual spoken word in all her art-works, in the form of participative transmedia art installations. 

The artist is recipient of the Magnum Photos Long Term Mentorship since 2022,  and awardee of the Arts Council of Ireland Agility Award and Visual Arts Research Bursary.

In 2020 Letizia completed her Postgraduate Course in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Trinity College Dublin. She comes from a Magna Cum Laude MA Degree in International Relations for Cooperation and Development, and she holds a BA in Political Studies with a major in the use of media within politics and international organisations, from Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano (Milan, Italy) and Copenhagen University (Copenhagen, Denmark), Carsten Niebuhr Research Centre - Department of Cross Cultural and Regional Studies.  

Letizia is now leveraging her international project management professional experience, matured  over a decade working in the technology industry across four different countries (Ireland, Spain, Denmark and Italy), while investigating the avenues of responsible technologies integration and generative AI in her art practice, from idea's conception to execution, and exhibition of her inclusive art installations

Overall this multi-disciplinary and multi-layered artistic approach has allowed Letizia Lopreiato, to focus both on the production and on the perception, of  multilingual text image and voice relationship in her transmedia art practice, focused on inclusion, cross-cultural cooperation and justice. 

In Letizia's words:

"Documenting reality through storytelling, to explore social issues and uncover social injustice has always been the focus of my poetry. This opportunity has become more powerful to met hanks to the vehicle for empathy that is the lens."

2022 - 2023, Magnum Photos Long Term Mentee 


July 2023, Ireland, "Illumina - The Memory of Light" a bilingual film (English and Italian) by Letizia Lopreiato, screened during her solo exhibition as part of PhotoIreland Festival 2023, at The Dean Art Studios Gallery, Dublin EVENT LINK  

2022, UK, November 17th, my artist talk part of Press + Play Festival of Print 2022 (November 12th - December 18th), Phoenix Art Space, Brighton, UK: Artist Talk “From Sight to Touch: Exploring Agency and Representation in Photography: my printmaking research based art practice for social inclusion in photography EVENT LINK 

2022 , UK, (October 29th - November 15th), PhotoFringe 22 Real Utopias, Brighton and Hove,  "The Timelapse - From Sight To Touch" participatory installation, 



2022, Ireland, (July 7th - August 28th), PhotoIreland Festival 2022, Dublin Castle -The Printworks Building (Ireland's Office of Public Works), The Timelapse - From the Front, a pansensorial installation, depicting the artist's journey of acceptance of her own visual impairment through art EVENT LINK

2022 , UK, (May 12th - June 4th), ONCA Arts Gallery Space, Brighton, UK - The Journey of Sonia's Trees, international cooperation artivism awareness campaign on eco-sustainability, social documentaries' series - inclusive launch exhibition and workshops, EVENT LINK 

2022, UK,  (April 30th - May 2nd), Phoenix Art Space,  Brighton, UK - Sonia's Trees 2018-2021 artistsbook publication exhibition,  EVENT LINK 

2022 (February 4th - March 18th 2022), Canada - As part of Exposure Alberta Photography Festival 2022, Sonia's Trees 2018-2021 social documentary on eco-sustainability, EVENT LINK 

2021 (July - September), Ireland - Sonia's Trees (2018-2021) developed through a series of solo mobile exhibitions across the island, launched by the artist on July 22nd 2021 as part of PhotoIreland Festival 2021 Open Program. Sonia’s Trees 2018-2021  is a three year social documentary and art-based awareness campaign on eco-sustainability, a photo-story showcased both off-line and on-line, supporting the vision of Ireland’s reforestation through its native seeds and trees, the Irish city-countryside duality, and the topics of place identity from an environmental psychology perspective. This artivism series of events included:

- September 23rd 2021, Sonia’s Trees (2018-2021), Super 8 short film screening, Temple Bar Gallery+Studios Venue, Dublin, Ireland, EVENT LINK
- September 18th 2021, Sonia’s Trees (2018-2021), eco-sustainability artist talk Harvest Day, Bodytonic-BrewTonic , Dublin, Ireland, EVENT LINK
- September 17th 2021, Sonia’s Trees (2018-2021), publication’s artist talk, Culture Night Dublin 21 (on-line), EVENT LINK
- August 27th to August 29th 2021, solo show and artist’s handmade art pack give away, MVP Dublin and John Gunn’s Camera Shop, Dublin, Ireland, EVENT LINK
- August 7th to August 11th 2021, Sonia’s Trees solo show at GOMA Gallery of Modern Art Gardens Waterford, supported by Arts Council and City Council Waterford, EVENT LINK
- July 22nd 2021, Sonia’s Trees (2018-2021) project’s launch talk (on-line), 106 attendees via Zoom, PhotoIreland Festival Open Program 2021, Dublin, Ireland, EVENT LINK

2021 (February 1st to 28th), Exposure Alberta’s Photography Festival (Canada) - solo visual poetry exhibition (on-line): The Timelapse (2018-2021) Chapter 1, autobiographical creative documentary depicting the journey of healing through grief and trauma thanks to art, of two women, the artist coming accepting her visual impairment, and her mother’s relocation to Ireland, after Letizia’s father death. EVENT LINK 


September 17th, 2022, Culture Night Dublin, IRL, previewing my new short film "From Sight to Touch", at The Dean Arts Studios

April 2nd to 10th 2022, New Forest Heritage Museum, UK Despatch Residency WorkShowGrow Group Exhibition 

November 1st to December 17th 2021, Dublin (IR) - PhotoIreland Halftone Print Fair 2021 at The Library Project, two artworks selected from my The Timelapse Chapter 2 and from Sonia’s Trees (2018-2021)

November 25th to December 5th, Dublin (IR) - Dublin Art Book Fair 2021 Exhibition, Sonia's Trees (2018-2021) art book publication https://shop.templebargallery.com/collections/artist-books/products/letizia-lopreiato-sonias-trees  

October 15th to 24th 2021, Waterford (IR) - Imagine Arts Festival, one of ten artists selected for the Arts Trail https://www.imagineartsfestival.com/index.php/whats-21/imagine-arts-trail/letizia-lopreiato 

September 17th 2021, Dublin (IR) - IOVA Group Culture Night Exhibition, 2nd Annual Photography GroupExhibition, INDEX Studio Gallery, one art work from Sonia’s Trees https://culturenight.ie/event/39-40-arran-quay-pcg-second-annual-photography-exhibition/

March 16th to 31st 2021, Dublin (IR) - Equinox, a NUA Collective visual arts on-line group exhibition https://nuacollective.ie/equinox/

December 2020, Dublin (IR) - All Kinds Art-Book and On-line exhibition, 100 selected artists’ based inIreland, in support of MASI (Movement for Asylum Seekers), published by Henn’sTeeth Gallery and Publisher, Dublin, Ireland https://www.allkinds.gallery/home/letizia-lopreiato

November 2020, Dublin (IR) - NUA Collective Ireland, Premiere Exhibition, launch exhibition https://nuacollective.ie/premiere-exhibition/

September 18th 2020, Dublin (IR) - IOVA Group Culture Night Exhibition, 1st Annual Photography GroupExhibition, Index Studio Gallery, participated with one visual poetry art-work

April 30th 2020, Dublin (IR) - Poetry Day Ireland - There will be time, From the Front visual poetryartwork, Dublin, Ireland https://westcorkpeople.ie/culture/arts/there-will-be-time-as-poetry-day-ireland-2020-takes-place-online-this-year/

September 2019, Ireland - Spoken Word, Ranelagh Arts Festival, finalist artist to perform my poetry at the festival's closing ceremony, Dublin, Ireland


The artist's photography work has been acquired by the Office of Public Works (OPW Ireland) and it is now part of the Irish State Arts' Collection and National Archives and of the PhotoIreland Irish Books Collection. 


December 2021, Ireland - Sonia's Trees 2018-2021, my artists book publication, published by The Outside Press and printed by award winning printer Plus Print Dublin,  ARTISTSBOOK LINK 

January 2021, UK - WorkShowGrow, Unite, printed publication, artist profile and photo feature, PUBLICATION LINK      

December 2020, Ireland - All Kinds Gallery artistsbook printed publication and on-line gallery, charity project in support of MASI (Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland) ARTBOOK LINK


November 2021, Ireland - Arts Council Ireland, Agility Award Round 3

June 2021, Ireland -  Arts Council Ireland, Visual Arts Research Bursary 

May 2021, Spain - The Curatorship Portfolio Review Award, winner of portfolio review contestwith five international reviewers 

December 2020, Ireland - Arts Council Ireland, Connect Award

June 2020, Ireland - Artist of the Month, Cassandra Voices, arts and culture publisher, Dublin,Ireland, LINK TO ARTICLE   


February to June 2022, UK - ONCA Arts residency, Brighton, UK https://onca.org.uk/2022/02/10/letizia-lopreiato/

September 2021, UK - WorkShowGrow artist in residence, South-East England

August 2021, Ireland - Gallery of Modern Art Waterford (GOMA) Summer Artist in Residence, South-East Ireland https://gomawaterford.ie/residencies/letizia-lopreiato-summer-residency/ 


February 2022, Canada - From Dirt and Ashes- the forest as a photographic subject, Exposure Alberta Photography Festival Artists Panel Discussion, event link 

September 2021, Ireland - Culture Night Dublin, Sonia’s Trees (2018-2021)’s publication, artist talk

July 2021, Ireland - PhotoIreland Festival Open Program 2021, Sonia’s Trees (2018-2021), launch talk

May 2021, UK- WorkShowGrow, “And so the story begins”, artist talk

March 2021, Ireland - NUA Collective - Equinox exhibition, artist talk

February 2021, Canada - Exposure Alberta’s International Photography Festival, artist talk

December 2021, Ireland - Arts and Disability: Accessibility in the Arts, NUA Collective podcast series



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