The Timelapse


This project is dedicated to my journey of healing through art. 

I used the time during lockdown this spring, to find the stillness and the focus needed to finalise these three years’ documentary film, photography and poetry project.

The narrative of this work is the result of a deep inner exploration following a series of losses after the passing of my dad, the relocation of my mum from Italy to Dublin to finally be reunited as a family.  Above all this is the outcome of the acceptance in regards to my visual impairment that art and creativity have been, for me, the best gift of all.   

Photography has granted me a new set of eyes, which have allowed me to embrace my disability and the vulnerability that came with it, as a diverse-ability, a source of strength and courage, for both my personal and artistic development. 

This journey surely constituted one of those signs that only the universe can send our way, to set us back on the best path for ourselves, by asking us to leverage all our available resources. 

The unfolding of my creative path has been the most life changing experience of my life, in the acceptance of vulnerability as a tool for understanding the world within me, and all around me. 

In order to create and explore the infinite power of art, I envision a community where everybody could feel encouraged to share an open message, to find support and understanding, whilst facing a time of struggle. A call for all artists to discover self-compassion, self-love, and self-respect.


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