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I am a visually impaired visual poet artist and film photographer from Dublin (originally Italian). In my art practice I use the media of film photography and poetry, as well as my spoken word. 

I have recently extended the scope of my research, on how to embed barrier free technologies in my art works, with a specific focus on social inclusion, equality and accessibility in the visual arts.

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the realm of film photography and its imagery's depth thanks to my dad's Super 8, photography and cinema passion.

 I am now also finally exploring the use of Super 8 myself, by learning how to use my late dad's equipment and his Super 8 camera, which I only found by chance two years ago, whilst I was emptying my family's home, following the relocation of my mum to Dublin, to be finally reunited as a family. 

My dad Super 8 camera and the moving image have now become a core part of my creative process, and this has been made possible also thanks to a grant I have been awarded in December 2020, by Arts Council Ireland in connection with Arts and Disability Ireland. I will be using this fund to develop a new body of work, and explore using the Super 8 film format.

I write poetry both in English, Spanish and Italian. I have been writing poetry since the age of twelve, and embraced film photography three years ago, only a few months after my visual impairment was diagnosed.

Film photography has represented real love "at first sight" for me, as the medium allows me to complement my poetry's narrative, with a multidimensional perspective. 

After almost fifteen years spent living out of my native country, I discovered I had to yet learn the vital force and incredible source of creative energy that resides within stillness. 

This journey of self discovery for me has only been possible since I moved to Ireland. Thanks to the Emerald Isle's closeness to nature, its majestic landscape, and above all, the real warmth of its community, along with my daily practice of yoga. 

I found in each and every one of these elements, the necessary balance within me, to finally give a visual dimension to my poetry. I have found my voice, just I found it through my eyes ... 

I embraced my identity and grew within the recognition of myself as a visual poet artist. In the acceptance of my disability through photography. I feel my eyes and my heart gained a super power, an empowering force ... The real vessel for empathy, the bridge, that connection with the world within and all around me that this medium represents.

I come from a research background in International Relations for Cooperation and Development. with a major in the use of media within politics and international organisations.

Documenting reality through storytelling, to explore social issues and uncover social injustice has always been the focus of my poetry. Now this opportunity has been made even more powerful, thanks to the vehicle for empathy that is the camera lens.  

I hope you will enjoy being on this journey with me, as much as I love being in it with you :)

Have a great day wherever you are and whatever you are passing through whilst checking this site, please remember: 

"There is always time to breath"

With much light and respect, 


Photo credit: Saoirse Sexton 


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